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It’s obviously a cliché to talk about the passion that has driven us for the last fifteen years, but what else are we to say – how else to justify the fact that we have continued, through all those years, to create new things, have new ideas and reinvent our own work?

So, can we say “Passion, what else?” without seeming too banal?

If you look at the top of the page, you’ll see that the AircraftStudioDesign logo has changed. We’ve kept our trademark wing, but now with the signature of Mirco Pecorari next to it. We’re still flying, but we also do many other things, all centred around that signature.

But who are “we”?

Us! We’re the team set up by Mirco, composed of Italian and foreign professionals selected over years of experience and collaboration to create a “garden of ideas” from which almost anything may bloom – and from which you can, in turn, ask for anything.

By 2015 Mirco finds it difficult to talk about “products”, but not out of a sense of superiority; it’s because we find it hard to define what we do. We can say, however, that we work in design over a vast area of applications: over the last fifteen years we have not only designed the most beautiful liveries, admired and imitated on planes of all sizes and types (from ultralights, to aerial acrobatics and business jets), we have also designed entire aircraft and their styling; we put the most innovative technologies and design concepts into practice to create unique prizewinning “products”; we are commissioned to create the entire appeal of historic companies as well as new launches. We make the videos, the 3D drawings, the handmade models. But we’re not a publicity agency, nor a design studio: we are simply that garden of ideas we mentioned above.

We have decided to explain all this in greater detail in our new website – a tour to guide you through our experiences and our ideas. And to keep in daily touch with you through our social networks.

We hope you like what you see, but take our word for it: this, in 2015, is only the beginning.

If you’re interested in what we’re creating, start going on our website!